The ESA is offered by the government to help people who are either ill or disabled and therefore are notable to work. It is also offered to people who are working but are not earning enough. It is the before personalized to cater for the needs of such people depending on their circumstances. The people who benefit from the ESA are also those who are not receiving pension, because they are under pension age.Also people who are not receiving statutory sick or maternity pay and have not gone back to work after a sickness or maternity period are eligible.

To get employment support allowance you must pass the work capability assessment. The assessment is meant to show to what level your illness or disability affects your work capacities. The assessment start s when you apply for ESA and is communicated to you through a letter after which if you pass, you are placed in either of two groups; the work related activity group or the support group. In the support group you do not get any interviews while in the work related activity group you get to go for regular interviews with an advisor. The advisor is meant to help you create goals in your kind of job or attain the ones that you already have. You are also advised on how to hone the skills required for you to be effective in your job.

You can apply for ESA if you are unemployed. Self employed or even employed. You are also eligible if you were working abroad but have paid enough National Insurance. You could be transferred to receive ESA if you have been claiming other benefits like incapacity benefit, income support and severe disablement allowance. After your benefit is transferred to ESA you will then have to undergo the work capability assessment to determine which group you will be placed into and how much you will receive.During this time, your benefits should be received without any breaks or changes. After the assessment has been done you could qualify for more ESA or less. If you qualify for more you get the new package as soon as you are moved into ESA and if not you get a ‘Top up payment’ and the same amount of benefits you were getting. This means that your benefits do not decrease.

What you receive

After you qualify for Employment Support Allowance then you will receive up to £102.15 per week whilst in the work related group or £109.30 per week whilst in the support group. Before you are place din any of the groups you receive £57.90 weekly, if you are below 24 years of age and £73.10 per week if older than 25.

To apply for ESA you contact their specialist help team through their numbers Monday to Friday from 8 to 6.