If you are interested in learning more about historic sites in Leesburg, you should visit them. Not only you will be able to see them and enjoy the atmosphere, but also you will obtain useful information about these sites. Leesburg has a few places of this kind that you should visit. 

Oatlands Historic House & Garden 

The tour of this location is excellent, and docents are very knowledgeable. You will find out more about this place, and families living here in the past. It was a working plantation in the early 19th century, and it grew oats, tobacco, and wheat. Unfortunately, many slaves worked here. However, a great deal of them was freed. After the tour on the main floor, you will have a chance to go through the upstairs on your own and investigate it. This house has a long history and very nice artifacts.

When you are done with the house, you should go outside to see the gardens. They are charming, extensive, and pleasant to walk through. Additionally, they have many interesting plants that smell wonderful. No matter if you just want to go for a walk, or you want to have a picnic, you will enjoy Oatlands Garden. If you need any help or information, helpful and kind staff will be ready to assist. It would be an excellent idea to visit this place at Christmas time because everything is decorated in the Victorian style at this time of year. 

Ball’s Bluff Battlefield and National Cemetery 

If you want to find out more about Civil War history in the Leesburg area, you should visit this location. It is an excellent place to learn something about this period of our history. Ball’s Bluff Battlefield is intimate and well-preserved, and it is located within a housing development on the shore of the Potomac. One of the first battles of the Civil War took place here. The guides are very knowledgeable and communicative. Thanks to them, you will find out more about battle strategies that lead to disastrous results. You will also be able to walk down paths and see old fighting positions. There is also a small cemetery on this location, as well as walking trails. No matter if you are a hiker or not, you will find them exciting.  

The Marshall House 

The leadership of General Marshall during and after World War 2 made the world a better place, and his presence can still be felt in his house. The Marshall House is maintained and well-preserved, with the original furnishings, and it is a testament to Marshall as a general and statesman.

It provides insight into his life and character. The docents are very professional and knowledgeable in conveying the story about the family. If you visit this historic site, you will learn a valuable lesson about our history, as well as accomplishments of General Marshall. You just need to be aware that taking pictures inside the house is not allowed.