Kingsdown Mattress Company is among the best American mattress manufacturing company with some iconic collections in their name. The company makes several types of mattresses which they categorize as; inner spring, memory foam, hybrid, intelligent and latex foam mattresses. In these five categories there are various collections which vary in price and also in features to enable you have a mattress that is going to cater for your needs personally. The company has over the years changed the technology they use in their mattresses to make them as responsive as they can to your sleep needs and styles. Here are some of their amazing collections:


Diamond Royale – this full size mattress is in the inner spring category. It is made of what the company calls the “Perimacoil Luxe coil system”. The system is Tri-zoned to provide extra support where the body needs it most so that you sleep while support fully. The coils on the edges are reinforced to prevent edge roll-off. The springs also help to reduce disturbance by motion separation since they are pocketed. The mattress is infused with New Zealand wool which is breathable and dust proof. The wool is cool when hot and warm when it is cold helping to maintain ideal temperatures. On top the mattress is covered with cotton which adds cushioning and provides pressure relief and added comfort. The Diamond Royale comes with 10 years warranty.

Crown Imperial – this is in the hybrid category. The hybrid combines both the inner spring and foam technologies into one mattress. Down the mattress has the Tri-zoned coil system to provide for full support of the body. Then there is the multilevel support system that has the gel infused memory foam toppers . This is held in place by micro coils. The edges of the mattress are enhanced to prevent edge roll off so the mattress can be enjoyed end to end. The mattress also has the latex foam which ensures that the body stays in one place for longer leading to deeper sleep. The top of the mattress is made a Damask Cover that is elegant and stylish. The cover is made of wool and silk which provide a lot of comfort. The mattress is also available with 10 years warranty.Other properties of Kingsdown mattresses that make them ideal are temperature regulation, use of natural materials which helps relieve allergies and also smart technology. The smart technology is modern which allows the mattress to be active and pro-active. Well simply put the double bed stays awake and active so that you can sleep. There are other many collections of Kingsdown mattresses available in stores and also online. The mattresses as seen here have different features which makes them different even when in the same category. It is important therefore to get a mattress that will solve your major sleep problems.