The Tac Con Auto Trigger brings yet another type of trigger into the market for gun lovers to have a feel of. This new make of triggers enables the shooter to be able to shoot much faster and not have to keep changing any other thing on their gun such that they keep shooting continuously without making any adjustments.

tac-con-3mThis is possible because the way the Tac Con 3MR has been designed is in such a way that it has a safety provided with it. This safety makes it possible for the switch to rotate all around the gun such that it gets back into full position. The slot for one to press when they want to fire then functions just like any other stage trigger that is in the market. When the gun operator cranks the trigger into the ‘auto’ mode, it gets to deploy a small lever that pops up at the back of the trigger. As it falls backwards, it catches onto the hammer. The hammer, on its own, while making a downward movement will release pressure which in turn makes the trigger to go forward and as such resets it. When working like this, one does not have to manually reset their gun each time they want to make a shot.

When you set your trigger into Auto mode, you get to reduce the time taken during resets meaning that the follow up shots will be taking very few seconds thus enables continuous shooting. When decided on purchasing this trigger, you will note that it comes in very good self contained packaging.

tac_conThe packaging of this trigger contains two tiny foam pads which are placed at the bottom in order to hold the trigger into place and also so that they may add some of the upwards pressure which is needed by the trigger pins so that they do not end up falling out. When it comes to the installation part, the duration that one may take to have it fully functional depends on the mastery that each one has and how well one can follow the given instructions on the manual guide that comes in the packaging. The trigger is easy to use once it has been installed. The whole process is pretty easy and straight forward. However, there is a foam insert which is at the trigger bottom. It makes it a little tricky for some people to install the trigger well and fast but it aids in the proper functioning of the trigger since its work is to hold the pins in place.

The trigger works well just as it has been advertised in numerous places and it gives one a clean shoot. The reduced reset time window makes it very appropriate for a person who prefers continuous shooting without taking. For the pricing, this trigger by Tac Con is very effective and is up to the gun holder to try it out and see if it can work for them.