I will write on both sides of the situation. By the end of the article, you will be in a position to determine whether ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is the ideal answer. Being a tenant means that you have to look for an apartment that suits your needs. Most importantly, the apartment must be your dream kind. Before you move in there, you have to live in several other apartments as financial capabilities might be a challenge. If it happens that your income is increased and you have to move to the dream apartment, you may not be compatible to live there. That’s because the landlords on the other hand are looking for the ideal tenants who they can trust. Both the tenant and the landlord don’t know each other. Only the forms and legal records will be used. If yours aren’t that clean, or are even slightly blemished, you may find yourself in trouble. Is it fair?

Seeking for a new apartment

In the earlier days, one could not waste time and resources in the process of seeking a new apartment to rent. That’s because people could be trusted back then. In the modern days, people can’t be trusted. They will lie to get what they want. As a result, landlords have embraced screening services to filter away the lying parties. They will leave it for the screening companies to do the job for them and use the reports provided to judge who is the ideal candidate. Tenants are not given a chance to explain a thing about their situations especially when their records come out unclean. Their applications are simply rejected. Landlords who manage multiple apartments will not waste their time listening to excuses. What is in the reports will be final.new-apartment

Landlords are to benefit

Screening are focused on making work easier for landlords. For sure, landlords have only praise for these screening companies. Hey don’t have to be under pressure determining who fits in their apartments. Instead, they can go with the reports after paying a small fee.

What about tenants?

While landlords are smiling, some tenants can’t find a minute to relax. Unfairness is being denied the opportunity you very much deserve. A tenant may not be a threat to the state and to other tenants. However, the reports may have some info that indicates that to be the case. The fact that some engagement in a lawsuit with a landlord may cost you a dream rental home. Again, there is no platform where you meet with the landlord to put some sense in your situation. Records from police cases, banks and government agencies doesn’t qualify you to do that. Some tenants are left no choice but to live in apartments they don’t like just because of some misleading reports.landlord-tenant-criteria

Can reports be changed?

In some cases, the tenants’ voice is heard and editing of info commences. Some tenants benefit from such services. However, others still complain of unedited info. It takes too long for legal details to be cleaned.